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Straight Curve has introduced a film camp for all new filmmakers who would like to learn how to make a short movie. You do not need to have had any previous experience to join this camp. It will give you an opportunity to find out which role interests and excites you the most and help you to decide what area you may want to concentrate on.

This is also an ideal opportunity for you to get enough experience to go off and have a go at making your own short movie, improve on your home videos, or simply just film for fun.

The camp runs for five days on various dates throughout the year.

You will be introduced to the equipment you will be using to make your movie. You will learn how to use your camera, the different ways to take a shot, work with camera angles, the use of a tripod and much more. You will move onto lighting, how to set up the lights, how to use them for the desired effect, using gels, what lights suit what scene and again much, much, more. This will be done using theory and practical hands on work, you will not have a moment to get bored!


When all of this is completed you will be able to film! We will film a short scene on Location. Everything you have been taught so far can now be put into practice.

You then get an opportunity to see the rough cut of your film and you guys can celebrate. Once the film has gone through the editing process you will receive a DVD containing all of your work including your exercises throughout the week.

This is a very intensive week and every day will be jam packed with information and practical hands on work. We are unable to list everything you will be doing above so if you want to know more please just give us a call.

This fantastic film camp is being offered at an amazing price of just £599. To register your interest and check available dates please contact us. Group bookings available. Accommodation can be arranged for delegates who need to travel down to London. 0845 021 4000

As part of our commitment to our students, we also offer an opportunity for them to use our filmmaking facilities for any projects film camp has inspired them to create.