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This intensive one-day Location Recording Course is designed to give you an introduction to the professional practices used in recording professional quality sound on location.

The course starts with a session on the underpinning audio theory, and moves on to a ‘hands on’ practical session to become familiar with the characteristics of a variety of commonly used microphones, and to gain experience in everything is connected together. This session also looks at how to recognize common interface problems and how to resolve them.

After lunch we move on to record a variety of scenes, shot in both interior and exterior locations, and a variety of situations, both static and dynamic. Course delegates have the opportunity to work with a variety of microphones such as rifle, personal radio, hand-held and PZM.

The material recorded is then critically reviewed in a debriefing session, and the course ends with a question and answer session.

Jules was a freelance engineer sound recordist mainly for American news networks such as ABC, NBC and CBS.

He was also involved in the Falklands coverage as well as "routine" news coverage. Later, he covered events such as embassy sieges and so on.

Julian has worked on feature films including Roald Dahl's "Danny, Champion of the World", "To Die For", Barberella Part 2", featuring Duran Duran "January 2nd" and various commercials and documentaries.

Julian has had a vast amount of experience in the studio, studio mixing and supervising for a range of companies and subjects.

  • ITN News
  • Ch.4 News
  • Hollyoaks
  • Brookside

and more.

For more information or to book a place on the course please call 0845 021 4000