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Straight Curve offer mobile filmmaking workshops for schools to suit students age 11 to 18.

These fun and creative workshops will give your students an insight into what is involved in the process of making a film. They will write, star in and film a short film and be able to take home a DVD copy of their work. They will work with real filmmaking equipment including cameras, lighting and sound and experience what really goes on behind the scenes.

Workshops can be spread over several weeks in short sessions during the day or after school, or full school days depending on your needs. The workshops are also ideal for school holiday clubs. We also offer residential courses, the choice is yours. We are able to travel anywhere in the country so contact us now for dates.

Our filmmaking workshops can be based around a theme of your choice or the students are given free rein to create their own ideas.

Students will get the chance to be creative, work as a team, learn the technical aspects of filmmaking, build confidence and have lots of fun!

Our most recent workshop took place at St Anne's middle school in Kidderminster, we organised a four day comedy workshop and the students wrote and made five fab short films that were shown at a special school viewing. Here are some of the comments on the workshop from teachers and pupils:

  • "The films were an amazing standard considering how little the pupils knew about film making before the project. It brought out a side of them I'd never seen before" Deputy Head.
  • "It really struck me how original the sketches were, it was fantastic to see" Head teacher.
  • "Working with Straight Curve was really great, I learnt such a lot but I know I have lots more to learn. I really hope I can do another project next year" Student.

Straight Curve can provide any length and topic of filmmaking workshop to suit your school and budget and if you would like to see some of our work please do let us know.

For more details please contact us 0845 021 4000.