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If you would like to learn how to write a script from scratch, available as a group session or on a one to one basis, then our one-day scriptwriting workshop is the perfect place to start.

Straight Curve learning objectives:

  • Starting with your idea:
    Every story starts with an idea. Frank will suggest ways of allowing ideas to come to you rather than having to look for them.
  • Antagonists, Protagonists and other characters and elements:
    A story cannot move forward without these elements. We look at how they affect story structure and character arch?
  • Synopsis and Treatment:
    There are two types of treatments. Frank will show you why and when you need them both
  • Writing and formatting the script:
    If a script is not formatted to the correct industry standard producer's are unlikely to read it therefore, as a scriptwriter, this is a very important part of your script to get right.
  • Using the "Three Act Structure":
    Scriptwriting using the three act structure as a template will help you to examine the hero's journey from beginning to end in a more productive way
  • Dialogue:
    You will examine dialogue and it's use, or in some cases, it's lack of use

You will take part in individual and group exercises to put theory into practice. These exercises are designed to build confidence in your writing. Film extracts will be used to demonstrate certain elements of story telling. We also look at the importance of understanding filmmaking in relation to writing your script.

For more information or to book a place on the course please call 0845 021 4000