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Straight Curve can offer you one to one private training in all areas of filmmaking to suit your time, schedule and your budget

Most of our students work full time or unusual hours and we know it's hard to get time off for training. Therefore we can offer one to one training during the day, evenings or weekends to suit you. We can create a workshop that will cover the topics you want to learn in as many hours as you can spare or that your budget will allow for. Because you are getting individual attention we are able to teach so much more in a shorter space of time. Examples of our one to ones are:

  • Final cut Pro
    We can teach you the aesthetics of FCP or you can bring in some work and we will take you through the editing process.
  • Camera skills using PD150 or Sony HDV Z1
    Learn how to fall in love with a camera, find out its functions and how to get the best out of your filming. This can also be incorporated with some lighting and some FCP work.
  • Script writing
    A workshop for new writers will take you through the basics to get you started and give you a good understanding of how to put a story together.

    For our more advanced students, bring in your script and Chris Knowles will work with you and your script looking at Structure, Characters, Dialogue, Archetypes and story identification and of course anything in particular you would like to work on.
  • Sound recording on location
    Sound is so important to your final project, take a journey on location sound working with different microphones, looking at a portable mixer, feeding sound into the camera, radio mics and remember, you decide what it is you want to learn.
  • Stereo sound recording
    If you want to go even further into the realms of sound find out with Jules how to work with stereo sound.
  • Film school
    We offer a one-day, three-day and five-day film school taking you through the essentials on how to make film.
  • Special Effects Make up and make up for TV and Film
    Our tutor Cicely is our lucky make up specialist who has had to lie under a hospital bed pushing fake babies out of fake stomachs! That may be a tad too much for you but she will show you how to create broken bones, burns, nasty cuts and of course will take special requests for that special nasty you want to learn.

Remember, the above is just a few examples of what we can offer you, we can work with you for a few hours, a few days or a few weeks, the choice is yours. The training is all one to one and very hands on and practical.